The Future of Digital
Payment Services

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 provides solutions for the financial industry as it enables end-to-end payment services with secure transaction ledgers at a lower cost.

Our technology has been designed to adapt within an existing banking infrastructure for faster integration. We are reducing traditional limitations while providing businesses and their clients a faster and cheaper payment transfers solution.



Blockchain Benefits


Single point of accessto a global network


Instant on-demandsettlement


Real-time traceabilityof funds


Low operational andliquidity costs

Connected Global Payments

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 technology provides retail banks a tailored technological standard with high data attachments providing improved security for every single payment.

We have created a solution that is outperforming the traditional outdated approach currently in-place, creating the new standard that will drive down banking costs, increase transactional processing speeds while giving visibility into payment fees and delivery.


The New Standard

Since 2008 Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 have been working on developing the new standard in processing payments, replacing the high costs, processing settlement times and outdated technology.

Development of a peer-to-peer payment technology.
June 2008
First successful peer-to-peer transactions without corresponding bank fees.
November 2013
$25 million (USD) capital injection into research and development of blockchain technology.
January 2014
Creating tailored distributed ledger technologies for asian retail banks.
September 2016
A retail foreign exchange application for instant low cost transactions.
March 2019

Payment Networks,
A New Change.

Todays financial institutions are faced with high processing fees and slow transaction settlement times. The lack of technological standardization across institutions impacts functionalities such as being able to view transactions in real time and the inability to send detailed information with transactions.

Payments Fail
Slow Settlement
In Annual Costs