Entering New Markets

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 allows banks to process their overseas payments in real time within live tracking. With this new instant technology it will allow banks to enter new horizons which previously would be too difficult or otherwise not cost effective.

With our pioneering technology we can allow you to grow your global customers that demand high international payments. With a constant secure and flawless system it encourages banks to enter emerging and frontier markets previously inaccessible.

The new standard in payment transactions; save time and money with global payments, up to 60% on average allowing your clients to instant settlements. Expand your horizons with Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司.


Sending Payments

With a single access point we can make sending transactions easy around the globe for a fraction of the current cost. Modern banking may require external liquidity pools to allow sending payments internationally. Try a demo of our technology and explore the new standard.


Process Payments

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 eliminates that daily struggles of high operational costs when sending payments, the uncertainty in transactions from low visibility and unnecessary prolonged clearance times. We provide a new experience for your customers while lowering the operational transaction costs.


The New Standard

Start providing your customers with an unrivaled client experience, with faster transaction clearances and predictable payment solutions to every continent around the globe.

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited

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