Liquidity Services

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 gives banking institutions the flexibility for the provision of liquidity for overseas transactions. With our tailored technology we can provide liquidity pool arrangements within your existing infrastructure to help optimize costs and risks when it comes to capital efficiency.

Through a customized tool using a pathfinding algorithm we can provide you the technology to better utilize different liquidity pools in-place.


Currency Relationships

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司  has additional software to better manage liquidity, from a fiat currency relationship which would involve two banks holding an overseas transaction it can arrange either a pre-funded transaction balance or if needed a credit position in-place. This method would enable a bank to earn higher forex revenues which is ideal for large high volume transactions.

An alternative would be through what is known as a third-party liquidity arrangement. This can allow a third-party vendor to provide its bank liquidity for delivery of transactional payments. The benefit would be to allow a bank reach into multiple currency pool corridors through its third-party provider with a safe and secure transaction system.