Faster Settlements

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 is developing tailored made software solutions that will enable banking institutions to instantly allow them to settle cross border payments. Without customizable secure technology we can provide additional solutions such as live tracking, the ability for two banks to message each other in real time without delay.


Outdated Technology

The global payments technology is outdated which many banks and institutions still use as a standard. The shift of todays current demand from customers has changed dramatically, with more increased cross border payments that allows banks to connect with each other.

Banks and institutions that have a global reach will encounter issues with its outdated technology infrastructure from low speed, limited transaction transparency and of course high processing costs are a result.

The lack of standardization across networks impacts functionalities such as data transfer, making it unreliable for end users to send critical information with their transaction.


Future Payment Network

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 has produced a technology that allows a instant secure transaction for global payments. By providing a customizeddistributed financial technology and allowing real-time messaging, clearing and settlement of transactions, we have created the new standard in banking.

Fintech (HK) International Co., Limited 泛泰國際(香港)有限公司 allows banks to benefit from the robust connectivity, standardized technology and rich data attachments with each payment. Our distributed financial technology outperforms today’s infrastructure by driving down costs, increasing processing speeds and delivering visibility into payment fees, timing and delivery.